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Electron 7.1.13 2020-02-20T19:59:14Z ()

Release Notes for v7.1.13


  • Fixed webRequest API not working with WebSockets. #22141
  • Fixed a crash in webContents.print() with custom print margins. #22187
  • Fixed a potential issue with active Menu garbage collection. #22151
  • Fixed an issue where undefined was printed from console.log on Window when no arguments were passed. #22173
  • Removed unneccessary breakpad_symbols directory from the dsym zip file. #22220

Other Changes

  • Fixed a potential crash on faulty deviceNames in webContents.print(). #22012


  • Documentation changes: #22266

Electron 7.1.12 2020-02-10T21:31:20Z ()

Release Notes for v7.1.12


  • Fixed an issue where sending complex objects over IPC could in some cases cause the renderer process to be terminated. #21922
  • Fixed crash with Date.toLocaleString for invalid locale and locale of the format aa@BB. #21969
  • Fixed flash plugin not working. #22109
  • Fixed issue where renderers could crash during GC when using the contextBridge module. #22112
  • Fixed netLog.stopLogging returning undefined instead of the path to the log. #21988

Electron 7.1.11 2020-01-30T08:43:44Z ()

Release Notes for v7.1.11


  • Fixed an edge case in checkbox logic on Windows. #21860
  • Fixed an issue where window.print() only worked once on a single BrowserWindow. #21911
  • Fixed an issue where the credits set in About Panel credits were not dark mode aware on macOS. #21924
  • Fixed error thrown when importing powerMonitor on Linux before app's 'ready' event. #21941
  • Fixed fuzzy font rendering when hot-plugging displays on macOS Catalina. #21872


  • Documentation changes: #21873

Electron 7.1.10 2020-01-22T21:48:37Z ()

Release Notes for v7.1.10


  • Fixed BrowserWindow.setFocusable(true) not working on Windows. #21855
  • Fixed set-cookie header not passed in net module. #21770
  • Fixed an issue where custom stream protocols would sometimes not complete responses when the data stream ended. #21758
  • Fixed crash when restoring minimized hidden window on Windows. #21820
  • Fixed issue where non-zero size pixels in CSS styles could be rounded down to zero size pixels. #21857
  • Fixed memory leak when using javascript generator functions. #21773

Other Changes

  • Fixed potential hang when sending synchronous IPC messages on process shutdown. #21776

Electron 7.1.9 2020-01-13T19:33:06Z ()

Release Notes for v7.1.9


  • Fixed a crash in contextBridge that happens on garbage collection. #21736
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when Notifications were closed in concert with app termination. #21719
  • Fixed an issue that could cause frameless windows to become undraggable in some circumstances. #21723
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent communication between a sandboxed child window opened with nativeWindowOpen: false and an unsandboxed parent window. Also fixed document.visibilityState not working in sandboxed <webview>. #21696
  • Fixed an issue with potential duplicate error popups when calling shell.showItemInFolder on Windows. #21749
  • Fixed white flash when foregrounding an occluded window. #21750


  • Documentation changes: #21742

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