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Electron 9.0.0 2020-05-19T00:33:58Z ()

Release Notes for 9.0.0

Stack Upgrades

Breaking Changes

  • Changed the default value of app.allowRendererProcessReuse to true. This will prevent loading of non-context-aware native modules in renderer processes. (See #18397 for more information on this change.) #22401
  • Removed deprecated <webview>.getWebContents(). #20986
  • Removed the deprecated 'setLayoutZoomLevelLimits' method. #21383
  • IPC between main and renderer processes now uses the Structured Clone Algorithm. #20214
  • Split shell.openItem(path) into synchronous and asynchronous methods. #20682


  • Added fullScreen property support for BrowserWindows. #23330
  • Added session.listWordsInSpellCheckerDictionary API to list custom words in the dictionary. #22128
  • Added session.removeWordFromSpellCheckerDictionary API to remove custom words in the dictionary. #22368
  • Added session.serviceWorkerContext API to access basic service worker info and receive console logs from service workers. #22313
  • Added a new force parameter to app.focus() on macOS to allow apps to forcefully take focus. #23447
  • Added chrome.i18n extension API. #22570
  • Added chrome.tabs.connect extension API for background pages. #22549
  • Added support for property access to some getter/setter pairs on BrowserWindow. #23208
  • Added support for the chrome.extension.getBackgroundPage API when building with enable_electron_extensions. #22177
  • Allow an optional callback parameter for WebFrame.executeJavaScript* methods, which is called synchronously unless the target context is paused. #22501
  • Restored support for pdfium-based PDF viewer. #22131


  • Don't allow window to go behind menu bar on mac. #22828
  • Fixed webRequest module not working with file:// protocol. #22919
  • Fixed webRequest not working for CORS requests. #22468
  • Fixed win.setMenuBarVisibility(false) not hiding menu bar. #23263
  • Fixed an issue where changing theme on macOS would break window maximizability state. #22724
  • Fixed crash in network service process when using protocol.registerSchemeAsPrivileged api. #22917
  • Fixed crash that could occur when calling session.fromPartition inside the ready event. #23472
  • Fixed incorrect hit testing on top of ::after element with layoutNG. #23190
  • Fixed missing debug symbols for crashpad handler on macOS. #23573
  • Fixed possible freeze on window with disabled background throttling. #22852
  • Fixed the print button functionality in the PDF viewer extension. #23173
  • Limited manipulation of custom spellchecker dictionary words to persistent sessions. #22683
  • Removed extraneous crashpad_handler binary from the Linux distribution files. #23575
  • crashReporter is now explicitly initialized only in the main process, and implicitly initialized in other child processes. This fixes an issue preventing the crash reporter from functioning in sandboxed renderers on Linux. #23461
  • Fixed broken Views API builds. #22642


  • Improved window events handler efficiency on Linux. #23260
  • Made setting window icons slightly faster on Linux. #22736

Electron 8.3.0 2020-05-15T03:30:35Z ()

Release Notes for v8.3.0


  • Added a new force parameter to app.focus() on macOS to allow apps to forcefully take focus. #23574
  • EnableWebSQL is a new webpreference option to enable/disable websql api. #23581


  • Ensured that exit callbacks are run for Node.js in the renderer process. #23564
  • Fixed a crash which could occur during page navigations. #23396
  • Fixed an issue whereby macOS would fail to allow file extensions containing periods. #23449
  • Fixed behaviour of navigator.language/s and app.getLocale to use OS locale. #23407
  • Fixed crash with webview during some window management events like resize, scroll etc. #23397

Other Changes

  • Fixed v8_context_snapshot_generator included in arm/arm64 mksnapshot zip files. #23542
  • None. #23402, #23591
  • Security: Backport Chromium fix for #23528
  • Security: backported fix for CVE-2020-6458: Out of bounds read and write in PDFium. #23465
  • Security: backported fix for CVE-2020-6459: Use after free in payments. #23456
  • Security: backported fix for CVE-2020-6460: Insufficient data validation in URL formatting. #23462
  • Security: backported fix for CVE-2020-6461: use-after-free in storage. #23504
  • Security: backported fix for CVE-2020-6462: Use after free in task scheduling. #23517
  • Security: backported fix for CVE-2020-6463: use-after-free in Angle. #23561
  • Security: backported fix for CVE-2020-6464: Type confusion in blink. #23532
  • Security: backported fix for CVE-2020-6831: Stack buffer overflow in SCTP. #23514


  • Documentation changes: #23355

Electron 8.2.5 2020-04-30T21:16:30Z ()

Release Notes for v8.2.5


  • Backported blink fix for zero-size pixels on high-dpi screens. #23336
  • Fixed memory leaks in sandbox mode when using contextBridge with promises or ipcRenderer.invoke. #23339

Electron 8.2.4 2020-04-28T04:15:18Z ()

Release Notes for v8.2.4


  • Fixed Promise timeout issue when running Electron as Node. #23234
  • Fixed a use-after-free error that could happen if a Tray was destroyed while showing a custom context menu. #23181
  • Fixed an issue where windows without nativeWindowOpen: true could invoke the non-native-open path. #23225
  • Fixed broken use of contextCodeGeneration parameter to Node.js' script.runInNewContext(). #23147
  • Fixed memory leak when using contextBridge with sandbox=true. #23231

Other Changes

  • Updated Chromium to 80.0.3987.165. #23217

Electron 8.2.3 2020-04-16T23:59:58Z ()

Release Notes for v8.2.3


  • Security: Ensure proxy object is created in the correct context b8e34770

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