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Stable Releases

Electron 9.0.5 2020-06-22T21:30:43Z ()

Release Notes for v9.0.5


  • Fixed "Paste and Match Style" shortcut on macOS to match OS's "Option-Shift-Command-V". #24185
  • Fixed "null path-to-app" in test-app when Electron's path contains spaces or special characters. #24232
  • Fixed an error when calling dialog.showCertificateTrustDialog with no BrowserWindow. #24121
  • Fixed an issue where shutdown would be emitted both on app and system shutdown on macOS. #24141
  • Fixed an issue where withFileTypes was not supported as an option to fs.readdir or fs.readdirSync under asar. #24108
  • Fixed an issue which would cause streaming protocol responses to stall in some cases. #24082
  • Fixed an issue with click events not being emitted on macOS for Trays with context menus set. #24236
  • Fixed delayed execution of some Node.js callbacks in the main process. #24178
  • Fixed tray menu showing in taskbar on Windows. #24193
  • Fixed window titlebar not responding to pen on Windows 10. #24103

Other Changes

  • Fixed issue with some IMEs on windows (for ex: Zhuyin) don't terminate after pressing shift. #24059
  • Fixed mac app store rejection notice for invalid symbolic link in bundle. #24238
  • Updated Chromium to 83.0.4103.119. #24234


  • Documentation changes: #24177

Electron 9.0.4 2020-06-12T22:31:01Z ()

Release Notes for v9.0.4


  • Added missing support for isComposing KeyboardEvent property. #23996
  • Enable NTLM v2 for POSIX platforms and added --disable-ntlm-v2 switch to disable it. #23934
  • Fix: Allow windows behind macOS elements if "frame" is false. #24033
  • Fixed chrome://media-internals and chrome://webrtc-internals pages not loading. #24058
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using the ipcRenderer module after blink had released the context. Instead, a JS exception will be thrown. #23978
  • Fixed an issue where rmdir and rmdirSync work with original-fs in an asar context. #23956
  • Fixed no session in webContents of type remote. #24065
  • Fixed: On some Windows machines, especially Windows Insider builds, Electron would crash silently during startup. #24039

Other Changes

  • Updated Chromium to 83.0.4103.104. #24068
  • [a11y] fix incorrect position and size reported for grouped items in a listbox. #24060
  • [a11y] fix incorrect selection item count for listbox with grouped items. #24061

Electron 9.0.3 2020-06-08T16:17:21Z ()

Release Notes for v9.0.3


  • V8CacheOptions is a new webpreference option to enforce code caching policy. #23868


  • Fixed disabling color correct rendering with --disable-color-correct-rendering. #23900
  • Fixed the acceptLanguages argument being ignored in session.setUserAgent(). #23962
  • Restored old implementation of Linux Tray icons to fix a collection of issues where the tray icon wouldn't appear, would be the wrong size or would randomly disappear. #23926

Other Changes

  • Updated Chromium to 83.0.4103.99. #23967

Electron 9.0.2 2020-06-02T21:30:41Z ()

Release Notes for v9.0.2


  • Fixed crash when navigating between origins in a child window with nativeWindowOpen and contextIsolation enabled. #23895
  • Fixed tray menu on Windows not keyboard navigable. #23880

Electron 9.0.1 2020-06-01T19:37:04Z ()

Release Notes for v9.0.1


  • EnableWebSQL is a new webpreference option to enable/disable websql api. #23580


  • Don't ignore the referrer header in net.request. #23685
  • Fixed GTK dark theme setting not respected in Electron on Linux. #23712
  • Fixed process.windowsStore returning undefined in AppX packages. #23801
  • Fixed a bezeling issue on vibrant non-frameless BrowserWindows. #23810
  • Fixed an issue where nativeImages might throw conversion errors in the renderer process. #23796
  • Fixed an issue where window.location properties would throw an error for windows opened with #23805
  • Fixed an issue where some logging would double-print. #23689
  • Fixed an issue where the 'about' role had on effect on Windows menus. #23715
  • Fixed an issue with volume-related globalShortcut registration. #23824
  • Fixed an occasional menu crash on macOS Catalina when menu is closing. #23808

Other Changes

  • Improved error logging on moveItemToTrash failures on macOS. #23628
  • Updated Chromium to 83.0.4103.94. #23875

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