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Stable Releases

Electron 0.4.1 2013-08-27T12:13:35Z ()


  • Fix crash when taking heap snapshot in devtools.
  • Add CI.

Electron 0.4.0 2013-08-19T14:20:04Z ()


  • Enable getting real file path from the File object.

Electron 0.3.5 2013-08-16T07:17:48Z ()


  • Add AtomWindow.isWebViewFocused() API.
  • Fix navigator.getUserMedia.

Electron 0.3.4 2013-08-15T10:18:08Z ()


  • Move documentations to docs.
  • Fix a bug causing selector of menu items not to work.

Electron 0.3.3 2013-08-15T08:25:44Z ()


  • When using Menu.buildFromTemplate, extra fields will be attached to the MenuItem object.
  • The Menu object now stores its items by their indexes.
  • Enable passing objects and arrays when calling remote function.
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