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Поиск поддержки

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Если вы обнаружили ошибку в поддерживаемой версии Electron, сообщите об этом issue tracker.

awesome-electron is a community-maintained list of useful example apps, tools and resources.

Поддерживаемые версии

Note: Beginning in September 2021 with Electron 15, the Electron team will temporarily support the latest four stable major versions. This extended support is intended to help Electron developers transition to the new eight week release cadence, and will continue until May 2022, with the release of Electron 19. At that time, the Electron team will drop support back to the latest three stable major versions.

The latest three stable major versions are supported by the Electron team. For example, if the latest release is 6.1.x, then the 5.0.x as well as the 4.2.x series are supported. We only support the latest minor release for each stable release series. This means that in the case of a security fix 6.1.x will receive the fix, but we will not release a new version of 6.0.x.

The latest stable release unilaterally receives all fixes from main, and the version prior to that receives the vast majority of those fixes as time and bandwidth warrants. The oldest supported release line will receive only security fixes directly.

All supported release lines will accept external pull requests to backport fixes previously merged to main, though this may be on a case-by-case basis for some older supported lines. All contested decisions around release line backports will be resolved by the Releases Working Group as an agenda item at their weekly meeting the week the backport PR is raised.

When an API is changed or removed in a way that breaks existing functionality, the previous functionality will be supported for a minimum of two major versions when possible before being removed. For example, if a function takes three arguments, and that number is reduced to two in major version 10, the three-argument version would continue to work until, at minimum, major version 12. Past the minimum two-version threshold, we will attempt to support backwards compatibility beyond two versions until the maintainers feel the maintenance burden is too high to continue doing so.

Currently supported versions

  • 16.x.y
  • 15.x.y
  • 14.x.y
  • 13


When a release branch reaches the end of its support cycle, the series will be deprecated in NPM and a final end-of-support release will be made. This release will add a warning to inform that an unsupported version of Electron is in use.

These steps are to help app developers learn when a branch they're using becomes unsupported, but without being excessively intrusive to end users.

If an application has exceptional circumstances and needs to stay on an unsupported series of Electron, developers can silence the end-of-support warning by omitting the final release from the app's package.json devDependencies. For example, since the 1-6-x series ended with an end-of-support 1.6.18 release, developers could choose to stay in the 1-6-x series without warnings with devDependency of "electron": 1.6.0 - 1.6.17.

Поддерживаемые платформы

Следующие платформы поддерживаются Electron:


对 macOS 仅提供64位版本,并且只支持 macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) 以及更高版本。.

Native support for Apple Silicon (arm64) devices was added in Electron 11.0.0.


Поддерживаются Windows 7 и более поздние версии, более старые операционные системы не поддерживаются (и не работают).

Both ia32 (x86) and x64 (amd64) binaries are provided for Windows. Native support for Windows on Arm (arm64) devices was added in Electron 6.0.8.. Running apps packaged with previous versions is possible using the ia32 binary.


The prebuilt binaries of Electron are built on Ubuntu 18.04.

Будет ли готовая бинарная сборка включена в дистрибутив, зависит от того, включает ли дистрибутив библиотеки, с которыми связан Electron на компилирруемой платформе, поэтому гарантируется работа только в Ubuntu 18.04, но следующие платформы также проверяются, чтобы иметь возможность запускать прекомпилированные сборки Electron:

  • Ubuntu 14.04 и новее
  • Fedora 24 and newer
  • Debian 8 and newer