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Chromium WebAudio Vulnerability Fix (CVE-2019-13720)

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A High severity vulnerability has been discovered in Chrome which affects all software based on Chromium, including Electron.

This vulnerability has been assigned CVE-2019-13720. Подробнее об этом можно прочитать в блоге Chrome.

Please note that Chrome has reports of this vulnerability being used in the wild so it is strongly recommended you upgrade Electron as soon as possible.


This affects any Electron application that may run third-party or untrusted JavaScript.


Affected apps should upgrade to a patched version of Electron.

We've published new versions of Electron which include fixes for this vulnerability:

Electron 7.0.1 automatically included the fix from upstream, before the announcement was made. Electron 8 is similarly unaffected. The vulnerability did not exist in Electron 5, so that version is also unaffected.

Further Information

This vulnerability was discovered by Anton Ivanov and Alexey Kulaev at Kaspersky Labs and reported to the Chrome team. Запись в блоге Chrome находится здесь.

Чтобы узнать больше о лучших методах обеспечения безопасности приложений Electron, смотрите наш учебник по безопасности.

If you wish to report a vulnerability in Electron, email security@electronjs.org.