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Electron 15.5.3 2022-04-30T00:14:16Z ()


  • Fixed a network service crash that could occur when using setCertificateVerifyProc. #33256 (Also in 16, 17, 18)
  • shell.openExternal() now reports more detailed errors on Windows. #33656 (Also in 16, 17, 18, 19)

Other Changes

  • Backported fix for CVE-2022-1134. #33763
  • Backported fix for CVE-2022-1305. #33860
  • Backported fix for CVE-2022-1310. #33831
  • Backported fix for CVE-2022-1314. #33884
  • Backported fix for CVE-2022-1364. #33836
  • Backported fix for chromium:1286816. #33679
  • Backported fix for chromium:1291482. #33676
  • Backported fix for chromium:1310761. #33856
  • Security: backported fix for CVE-2022-0116 and CVE-2022-1306. #33852
  • Security: backported fix for CVE-2022-23308. #33670
  • Security: backported fix for chromium:1280743. #33715
  • Security: backported fix for chromium:1280852. #33673
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