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Electron 13.4.0 2021-09-13T19:49:41Z ()


  • Added webContents.fromDevToolsTargetId(targetId) to lookup a WebContents instance from an associated Chrome DevTools Protocol TargetID. #30731 (Also in 14, 15)
  • Fixed crash that occasionally happens when closing or opening BrowserWindows. #30834 (Also in 15)


  • Fixed crash when launching app with systemd v249. #30893
  • Fixed transparent frameless windows having an opaque background when opened in a maximized state. #30862 (Also in 12, 14, 15)

Other Changes

  • Backported fix for chromium:1206289. #30821
  • Backported fix for chromium:1227228. #30815
  • Security: Backported fix for 1230767. #30638
  • Security: backported fix for chromium:1216595. #30824
  • Security: backported fix for chromium:1221047. #30817


  • Documentation changes: #30850

Electron 13.2.3 2021-08-27T20:23:09Z ()


  • Fixed an issue where the TouchBarScrubber crashes when showArrowButtons is enabled if items is an empty array. #30680 (Also in 14, 15)
  • Fixed titlebar showing under simple fullscreen mode. #30706 (Also in 14, 15)

Electron 13.2.2 2021-08-23T22:39:34Z ()


  • Fixed an issue present in webView where the leave-html-full-screen event is not emitted if the user exits fullscreen with esc instead of by clicking into the webView. #30560 (Also in 14, 15)
  • Fixed an issue where background color would not be correctly applied to BrowserViews on Windows when either the x or y coordinate is negative (off-screen). #30540 (Also in 14, 15)
  • Fixed an issue where toggling documentEdited status on macOS with titlebarStyle: 'hiddenInset' inadvertently moves the traffic light location. #30603 (Also in 14, 15)

Other Changes

  • Security: Backported fix for 1227933. #30583 (Also in 12)
  • Security: Backported fix for 1231950. #30584
  • Security: Backported fix for 1234764. #30587
  • Security: Backported fix for 1234770. #30586
  • Security: Backported fix for 1234829. #30585

Electron 13.2.1 2021-08-17T23:40:34Z ()


  • Fixed potential crash when programmatically closing a draggable frameless child window. #30572
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