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Electron 1.8.7 2018-05-16T18:21:33Z ()

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed context menu for sandbox devtools. #12734

  • [SECURITY] Updated command-line backlist switches. #12807

  • Fixed contents.setSize(options) documentation in #12922

  • Fixed empty description on file type input when only one extension is given. #12962


  • Fixed flicker with high DPI resolutions. #12945

Electron 1.8.4 2018-03-16T18:48:53Z ()


  • Documentation updates. #12279
  • Document and test BrowserView.{destroy,isDestroyed}. #12298

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed popup menu position. #12197
  • [SECURITY] Set appropriate defaults for webview options. #12272
  • Fixed window open not showing. #12261
  • Fixed flaky remote setInterval spec. #12266
  • Fixed require on network share path. #12286
  • Fixed flaky navigator.serviceWorker spec. #12289


  • Fixed a crash on certain Linux distributions. #12151


  • Fixed checkbox state callback bug. #12154


  • Fixed passing of exception to the system crash handler. #12258
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