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Stable Releases

Electron 8.2.3 2020-04-16T23:59:58Z ()

Release Notes for v8.2.3


  • Security: Ensure proxy object is created in the correct context b8e34770

Electron 8.2.2 2020-04-13T21:08:48Z ()

Release Notes for v8.2.2


  • Fixed a crash that could happen when attempting to access a session during shutdown. #23069
  • Fixed an issue with maximizable state persistence of BrowserWindows on macOS. #23020
  • Fixed an issue with possible creation of a messageBox which cannot be dismissed on macOS. #23088
  • Fixed an occasional crash when closing all BrowserWindows. #23022
  • Fixed occasional WebFrame crashes caused by removed iframes. #22975

Other Changes

  • Security: backported fix for CVE-2020-6423: Use after free in audio. #23047

Electron 8.2.1 2020-04-06T23:48:25Z ()

Release Notes for v8.2.1


  • Accessing the screen module before the ready event no longer makes it impossible to access the screen module. #22913
  • Added workaround for nativeWindowOpen hang. #22749
  • Enable offscreen rendering. #22431
  • Fixed an issue where native macOS dialogs sometimes failed to show after modal close. #22889
  • Fixed issue where prefers-color-scheme would not be updated / set correctly when your OS was in dark mode. #22901

Other Changes

  • Updated Chromium to 80.0.3987.163. #22931

Electron 8.2.0 2020-03-24T18:33:05Z ()

Release Notes for v8.2.0


    • Added new useSessionCookies flag to net requests to allow them to use the session cookie store.

      • Fixed issue where SameSite cookies would not be attached to outgoing requests from the net module. #22807
  • Added disableDialogs option to WebPreferences. #22665


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when sending arrays over IPC. #22758
  • Fixed a potential crash on invalid zoomFactor values when setting the zoom factor of a webpage. #22709
  • Fixed issue where mutating the global Object prototype could cause internal Electron logic to throw errors. #22728
  • Returns a more graceful error when adding duplicate items to a single TouchBar instance. #22645

Other Changes

  • Updated Chromium to 80.0.3987.158. #22742

Electron 8.1.1 2020-03-10T01:58:37Z ()

Release Notes for v8.1.1


  • DeviceId from navigator.mediaDevices.enumerateDevices is now consistent across reloads. #22569

Other Changes

  • Updated Chromium to 80.0.3987.141. #22593

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