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Electron 7.2.4 2020-04-29T20:37:15Z ()

Release Notes for v7.2.4


  • Fixed Promise timeout issue when running Electron as Node. #23324
  • Fixed a use-after-free error that could happen if a Tray was destroyed while showing a custom context menu. #23182
  • Fixed an issue where windows without nativeWindowOpen: true could invoke the non-native-open path. #23224
  • Fixed memory leak when using contextBridge with sandbox=true. #23232
  • MacOS VoiceOver is now able to find its way back into web contents after it navigated "out" of an application. #23174

Electron 7.2.3 2020-04-17T00:09:59Z ()

Release Notes for v7.2.3


  • Security: Ensure proxy object is created in the correct context a9bead22

Electron 7.2.2 2020-04-14T19:10:20Z ()

Release Notes for v7.2.2


  • Fixed a potential crash on invalid zoomFactor values when setting the zoom factor of a webpage. #22710
  • Fixed an issue with maximizable state persistence of BrowserWindows on macOS. #23019
  • Fixed an issue with possible creation of a messageBox which cannot be dismissed on macOS. #23089
  • Fixed an occasional crash when closing all BrowserWindows. #23024
  • Security: Backported fix for CVE-2020-6426: inappropriate implementation in V8. #23043
  • Security: backported a fix for #23059
  • Security: backported fix for a potential buffer overrun in WebRTC audio encoding. #23037
  • Security: backported fix for site isolation bypass in dedicated workers. #23040
  • Security: backported the fix to CVE-2020-6452: potential container-overflow in MediaStream mojo. #23044

Other Changes

  • Security: Backport fix for buffer underflow in DWrite. #22979
  • Security: Backported fix for use after free in file chooser. #22981
  • Security: backport fix for CVE-2020-6451: Use after free in WebAudio. #22945
  • Security: backport fix for use after free in VideoEncodeAccelerator. #22983
  • Security: backported fix for CVE-2019-20503: Out of bounds read in usersctplib. #22986
  • Security: backported fix for CVE-2020-6422: Use after free in WebGL. #23017
  • Security: backported fix for CVE-2020-6423: Use after free in audio. #23048
  • Security: backported fix for CVE-2020-6427: Use after free in audio. #23015
  • Security: backported fix for CVE-2020-6428: Use after free in audio. #23013
  • Security: backported fix for CVE-2020-6429: Use after free in audio. #23011
  • Security: backported fix for CVE-2020-6449: Use after free in audio. #23009
  • Security: backported fix for use-after-poison in WebAudio ( #22869
  • Security: backported fix for use-after-poison in WebAudio. #22943

Electron 7.2.1 2020-03-24T06:27:45Z ()

Release Notes for v7.2.1


  • Reverted "fix: better window hierarchy checks". cac3884d

Electron 7.2.0 2020-03-23T22:56:40Z ()

Release Notes for v7.2.0


    • Added new useSessionCookies flag to net requests to allow them to use the session cookie store.

      • Fixed issue where SameSite cookies would not be attached to outgoing requests from the net module. #22808
  • Exposing methods required by capturing a hidden webContents. #21894


  • Better window hierarchy checks. c16c4c25
  • Fixed ARIA role="tree" for macOS VoiceOver. #22424
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when sending arrays over IPC. #22757
  • Fixed a potential crash on devices which had not connected any printers to their network. #22517
  • Fixed an occasional segfault with modal windows being closed or destroyed. #22540
  • Fixed issue where mutating the global Object prototype could cause internal Electron logic to throw errors. #22729
  • Fixed some properties not working in webview tags. #22512


  • Reset version for 7.2.0. ace32163

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