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Electron 7.1.6 2019-12-18T02:14:26Z ()

Release Notes for v7.1.6


  • Fixed black boxes with <select> tag inside <webview> and OOPIF on windows. #21526
  • Fixed media-specific globalShortcuts not working on macOS. #21548

Electron 7.1.5 2019-12-13T22:09:48Z ()

Release Notes for v7.1.5


  • Added workaround for nativeWindowOpen hang. #21497
  • Fixed cookies.set not working correctly when name or expirationDate is omitted. #21481
  • Fixed a weird behaviors and crashes when controlling window menu by keys. #21453
  • Fixed accessibility window title on macOS. #21466
  • Fixed contextBridge crash when opening and closing many windows. #21514
  • Fixed source maps not loading in devtools with file scheme. #21494
  • Fixed window menu unable to hide on startup. #21449
  • Removed Electron.dsym from macOS application zip. #21487

Electron 7.1.4 2019-12-10T01:33:41Z ()

Release Notes for v7.1.4


  • Fixed an issue that caused ClientRequest.getUploadProgress() to return incorrect values. #21425
  • Fixed compositor recycling when creating new BrowserView. #21400
  • Fixed contextBridge crash when closing a window. #21417
  • Fixed issues where noLink and checkboxChecked were not passed correctly on Windows. #21406
  • Fixed throttling in webContents.setBackgroundThrottling. #21357

Other Changes

  • Updated Chromium to 78.0.3904.130. #21413

Electron 7.1.3 2019-12-03T01:47:28Z ()

Release Notes for v7.1.3


  • Fixed --ignore-connections-limit, ironically, being ignored. #21299
  • Fixed broken focus with OOPIF embedded inside webview. #21223
  • Fixed context menu disappearing when showing. #21225
  • Fixed contextBridge crash. #21281
  • Fixed the 'login' event not being emitted when HTTP Basic auth was requested during a net.request. #21135
  • Net module requests no longer raise errors when non-2xx responses are received. #21295
  • The disabled-by-default-cpu_profiler tracing category now correctly records stack samples from the main process and utility processes. #21277
  • webContents.reloadIgnoringCache() will now forcefully ignore all caches, including service workers. #21284
  • window.root and window.GLOBAL are both now undefined when nodeIntegration is disabled as expected. #21354

Other Changes

  • Fixed some crashes that could occur when using the net module. #21304
  • Generate debug symbols on Linux. #21279
  • Made strip_absolute_paths_from_debug_symbols to false in #21317
  • Updated Chromium to 78.0.3904.126. #21346

Electron 7.1.2 2019-11-20T02:40:38Z ()

Release Notes for v7.1.2


  • Disabled Touch Bar typing suggestions with autocorrect=off and spellcheck=false. #21192
  • Fixed ENOMEM error with Node.js child_process when using empty options.env. #21140
  • Fixed <webview>.capturePage() resolving with an empty object instead of NativeImage instance. #21104
  • Fixed webRequest module unable to modify CORS headers. #21123
  • Fixed an issue where custom protocols registered using registerStreamProtocol would sometimes fail to complete the response when the stream ended. #21179
  • Fixed flickering when maximizing and restoring frameless windows. #21205
  • Fixed incorrect size of windows on differently scaled monitors. #21138
  • Fixed the 'login' event not being emitted when HTTP Basic auth was requested from a WebContents. #21097

Other Changes

  • Updated Chromium to 78.0.3904.113. #21199

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