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Stable Releases

Electron 19.0.6 2022-06-22T18:54:13Z ()


  • Fixed an issue where calling w.setWindowButtonVisibility(true) immediately after exiting fullscreen fails to show window buttons. #34674 (Also in 18, 20)

Electron 19.0.5 2022-06-20T19:44:30Z ()


  • Fixed a performance problem in crashReporter.start() on macOS. #34638 (Also in 17, 18)
  • Fixed an error where setWindowOpenHandler() would crash if the callback threw an error. #34546 (Also in 18, 20)
  • Fixed an issue where draggable regions were not recalculated when BrowserView bounds changed on Windows. #34611 (Also in 18, 20)
  • Fixed an issue where media keys would be sent to Electron on Windows no matter which window was in focus. #34646
  • Fixed an issue where normal bounds would not be appropriately updated if the user minimized with the minimize button. #34484 (Also in 18, 20)
  • Fixed an issue where passing { name: 'All Files', extensions: ['*'] } in the filters param of open or save dialogs on Linux would disallow choosing files without an extension. #34517 (Also in 18, 20)
  • Fixed linux arm64 builds to not require glibc 2.29+. #34502 (Also in 20)

Other Changes

  • Fixed an issue where BrowserViews didn't always visually update after call to setBounds. #34642 (Also in 18, 20)
  • On Linux, changed the libgdk-pixbuf dependency to be dynamically linked rather than statically linked. #34602 (Also in 18, 20)
  • Updated Chromium to 102.0.5005.115. #34498

Electron 19.0.3 2022-06-03T05:14:51Z ()


  • Fixed a crash when loading a same-origin URL after a render process crash. #34431
  • Fixed potential crash in WebFrameMain when performing a cross-origin navigation. #34416 (Also in 18, 20)

Electron 19.0.2 2022-06-01T18:57:08Z ()


  • Fixed an issue where pressing escape would not un-fullscreen on Windows or Linux in some circumstances. #34359 (Also in 18)
  • Fixed an issue where zombie windows can be created if window.close() is called during a fullscreen transition. #34391 (Also in 17, 18, 20)
  • Fixed printing crash when using webContents.print(). #34369

Other Changes

  • Updated Chromium to 102.0.5005.63. #34349
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