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A Quiet Place (Dec'21)

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O projeto Electron será pausado durante o mês de dezembro de 2021, e retornará em janeiro de 2022 com velocidade máxima.


What will be the same in December

  1. Zero-day and other major security-related releases will be published as necessary. Security incidents should be reported via
  2. Code of Conduct reports and moderation will continue.

What will be different in December

  1. No new Beta or Stable releases in December. No Nightly releases for the last two weeks of December.
  2. With few exceptions, no pull request reviews or merges.
  3. No issue tracker updates on any repositories.
  4. No Discord debugging help from maintainers.
  5. No social media content updates.

Why is this happening?

In short, while maintainers are happy and engaged with the project, THE WORLD IS TIRED. December is a quiet month for most companies, so we want to give our maintainers a chance to recharge. We encourage other projects to consider similar measures.

Should I be worried about the future of Electron?

Não. We are able to take this step because the project is in good shape. Everyone is looking forward to 2022, and we expect good things to come!