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Electron Governance

The Electron governance system is comprised of Working Groups that oversee different aspects of the Electron ecosystem, and an Administrative working group that functions to resolve conflicts between them.

AdministrativeExternal link to Administrative README

The Administrative Working Group (AWG) oversees the entire governance and project.

APIExternal link to API README

Oversees public API design based on project principles.

Community and SafetyExternal link to Community and Safety README

Oversees removal/bans from community.

EcosystemExternal link to Ecosystem README

Oversees the projects that make Electron app development easier.

SecurityExternal link to Security README

Proactively ensures the Security of Electron as a project, responds to incoming incidents, and oversees rollout of fixes.

UpgradesExternal link to Upgrades README

Oversees upgrades of upstream dependencies; specifically Chromium and Node.