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Class: ServiceWorkers

Class: ServiceWorkers

Query and receive events from a sessions active service workers.

Processus : Principal
Cette classe n'est pas exportée depuis le module 'electron'. Il n'est disponible qu'en tant que valeur de retour des autres méthodes dans l'API Electron.

Les instances de la classe ServiceWorkers sont accessibles à l'aide de la propriété serviceWorkers d'une Session.

Par exemple :

const { session } = require('electron')

// Get all service workers.

// Handle logs and get service worker info
session.defaultSession.serviceWorkers.on('console-message', (event, messageDetails) => {
'Got service worker message',

Événements d’instance

Les événements suivants sont disponibles pour les instances de ServiceWorkers :

Événement : 'console-message'

Retourne :

  • event Event
  • messageDetails Object - Information about the console message
    • message string - The actual console message
    • versionId number - The version ID of the service worker that sent the log message
    • source string - The type of source for this message. Can be javascript, xml, network, console-api, storage, rendering, security, deprecation, worker, violation, intervention, recommendation or other.
    • level number - The log level, from 0 to 3. In order it matches verbose, info, warning and error.
    • sourceUrl string - The URL the message came from
    • lineNumber number - The line number of the source that triggered this console message

Emitted when a service worker logs something to the console.

Event: 'registration-completed'

Retourne :

  • event Event
  • details Object - Information about the registered service worker
    • scope string - The base URL that a service worker is registered for

Emitted when a service worker has been registered. Can occur after a call to navigator.serviceWorker.register('/sw.js') successfully resolves or when a Chrome extension is loaded.

Méthodes d’instance

Les méthodes suivants sont disponibles pour les instances de ServiceWorkers :


Returns Record<number, ServiceWorkerInfo> - A ServiceWorkerInfo object where the keys are the service worker version ID and the values are the information about that service worker.


  • versionId number

Returns ServiceWorkerInfo - Information about this service worker

If the service worker does not exist or is not running this method will throw an exception.