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Electron Podcasts

· Une min de lecture

Looking for an introduction to Electron? Two new podcasts have just been released that give a great overview of what it is, why it was built, and how it is being used.

Out now:

Hanselminutes: Creating cross-platform Electron apps

Is Electron "just Chrome in a frame" or is it so much more? Jessica sets Scott on the right path and explains exactly where the Electron platform fits into your development world.

JavaScript Air: Electron Apps

Electron is becoming more and more of a relevant and popular way of building multi-platform desktop apps with web technologies. Let's get a dive into this awesome tech and see how we can use it to enhance our own experience and our user's experience on the desktop.

If you're looking for an introduction to Electron, give the first a listen. The second goes into more detail about building apps with great tips from Nylas's Evan Morikawa.

We are currently working on two more podcasts that should come out next month, keep an eye on the @ElectronJS Twitter account for updates.