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Electron becomes an OpenJS Foundation Impact Project

· Une min de lecture

At OpenJS World this morning, we announced that Electron has officially graduated from the OpenJS Foundation's incubation program, and is now an OpenJS Foundation Impact Project.

Electron entered incubation in December of 2019, at the last OpenJS Foundation global conference in Montreal. We're excited to take a larger role in the JavaScript community as an Impact Project, and continue our partnership with the OpenJS Foundation.

Learning more

You can read up on the foundation, its mission, and its members on the OpenJSF website. The OpenJS Foundation is host to a number of open source JavaScript projects including jQuery, Node.js, and webpack. It's supported by 30 corporate and end-user members, including GoDaddy, Google, IBM, Intel, Joyent, and Microsoft.

Electron is an open–source framework for building cross-platform desktop applications with web technologies. To learn more about the humans behind Electron and how they work together, take a look at our Governance page.

To get started with Electron itself, take a peek at our documentation.