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Atom Shell is now Electron

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Atom Shell is now called Electron. Vous pouvez en savoir plus sur Electron et ce que les gens construisent avec lui à sa nouvelle maison


Electron est le shell d'application multi-plateforme que nous avons construit à l'origine pour l'éditeur Atom pour gérer l'intégration de la boucle d'événements Chromium/Node.js et les API natives.

When we got started, our goal wasn't just to support the needs of a text editor. We also wanted to create a straightforward framework that would allow people to use web technologies to build cross-platform desktop apps with all of the native trimmings.

In two years, Electron has grown immensely. It now includes automatic app updates, Windows installers, crash reporting, notifications, and other useful native app features all exposed through JavaScript APIs. And we have more in the works. We plan to extract even more libraries from Atom to make building a native app with web technologies as easy as possible.

So far, individual developers, early-stage startups, and large companies have built apps on Electron. They've created a huge range of apps including chat apps, database explorers, map designers, collaborative design tools, and mobile prototyping apps.

Jetez un coup d'oeil au nouveau pour voir plus d'applications que les gens ont construites sur Electron ou jetez un coup d'œil à la documentations pour en savoir plus sur ce que vous pouvez faire d'autre.

If you've already gotten started, we'd love to chat with you about the apps you're building on Electron. Email to tell us more. You can also follow the new @ElectronJS Twitter account to stay connected with the project.

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