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Nouvelle Cadence de Sortie Electron

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A partir de Septembre 2021, Electron publiera une nouvelle version majeure et stable toutes les 8 semaines.

En 2019, Electron est passé à un cycle d'une publication toute les 12 semaines pour correspondre au cycle de publication de 6 semaines de Chromium. Récemment, Chrome et Microsoft ont annoncé des changements qui nous ont fait reconsidérer la cadence actuelle des versions d'Electron:

  1. Chromium prévoit de publier une release toutes les 4 semaines et ce à partir de Chrome 94 le 21 septembre 2021. Cette cadence de version ajoute également une nouvelle option Extended Stable toutes les 8 semaines, qui contiendra toutes les corrections de sécurité mises à jour.

  2. Le Microsoft Store nécessitera que les applications basées sur Chrome ne soient pas plus anciennes que de 2 versions majeures. Par exemple, si la dernière version majeure de Chromium est 85, tout navigateur basé sur Chromium doit être au moins sur Chromium version 83 ou supérieure. Cette règle inclut les applications Electron.

À partir de septembre 2021, Electron sortira une nouvelle version stable majeure toutes les 8 semaines, pour correspondre aux 8 semaines des versions stables de Chromium.

Notre première version avec Chromium Extended Stable sera Electron 15 le 21 septembre 2021.

Sachant que le changement de cadence de publication aura un impact sur d'autres applications en aval, nous voulions le faire savoir à notre communauté de développeurs le plus tôt possible. Pour en savoir plus, voyez notre calendrier de publication 2021.

Electron 15: Alpha Temporaire

Given that our original Electron 15 release targeted a non-Extended Stable version (Chromium's Extended Stable versions are based on their even-numbered versions), we needed to change our original target release date. However, an Electron app must use the most recent 2 major versions of Chromium to be accepted to the Microsoft Store, which made waiting for two Chromium versions untenable.

With these two requirements, our team faced a timing dilemma. Moving Electron 15 to include Chromium M94 would allow app developers to get on the very first Extended Stable version of Chromium; however, it would also shorten the beta-to-stable cycle to only 3 weeks.

To help with this switchover, Electron will offer a temporary alpha build, only for the Electron 15 release. This alpha build will allow developers more time to test and plan for an Electron 15 release, with a more stable build than our current nightlies.

The alpha channel build will ship for Electron 15 on July 20th, 2021. It will transition to a beta release on September 1st, 2021 with a stable release target of September 21st, 2021. Subsequent Electron releases will not have alpha releases.

Plan de diffusion pour 2021

Voici notre calendrier de publication pour 2021 :

ElectronChromeVersions alphaVersions bêtaVersion stableCycle stable (n° de semaine)
E15M9420-Juil-202101-Sept-202121-Sept-20219 (comprend la version alpha)

Adding the alpha channel extends the development time before Electron 15's launch from 3 weeks to 9 weeks - closer to our new 8 week cycle, while still meeting the requirements for Windows Store submission.

To further help app developers, for the remainder of 2021 until May 2022, we will also be extending our supported versions policy from the latest 3 versions to the latest 4 versions of Electron. That means that even if you can't immediately alter your upgrade schedule, older versions of Electron will still receive security updates and fixes.

Tenir compte des préoccupations

Il y a une raison pour laquelle nous publions ce post bien avant que ce changement de cycle de publication ne soit prévu. Nous savons qu’un cycle de sortie plus rapide aura un impact réel sur les applications Electron - et certaines peuvent déjà amener à considérer notre cadence de sortie majeure agressive.

Nous avons tenté de répondre aux préoccupations communes ci-dessous :

❓ Why even make this change? Why not keep the 12 week release cadence?

To deliver the most up-to-date versions of Chromium in Electron, our schedule needs to track theirs. More information around Chromium's release cycle can be found here.

Additionally, the current 12 week release cadence would be untenable with the Microsoft Store's new submission requirements. Even apps on the latest stable version of Electron would experience a roughly two week period where their app may be rejected under the new security requirements.

Every new Chromium release contains new features, bug fixes / security fixes, and V8 improvements. We want you, as app developers, to have these changes in a timely manner, so our stable release dates will continue to match every other Chromium stable release. As an app developer, you'll have access to new Chromium and V8 features and fixes sooner than before.

❓ The existing 12 week release schedule already moves quickly. What steps are the team taking to make upgrading easier?

One advantage of more frequent releases is having smaller releases. We understand that upgrading Electron's major versions can be difficult. We hope that smaller releases will introduce fewer major Chromium and Node changes, as well as fewer breaking changes, per release.

❓ Will there been an alpha release available for future Electron versions?

There are no plans to support a permanent alpha release at this time. This alpha is only intended for Electron 15, as a way to help developers upgrade more easily in the shortened release period.

❓ Will Electron extend the number of supported versions?

We will be extending our supported version policy from the latest three versions to the latest four versions of Electron until May 2022, with the release of Electron 19. After Electron 19 is released, we'll return to supporting the latest three major versions, as well as the beta and nightly releases.

E13 (Mai 21)E14 (Aoû'21)E15 (Sep'21)E16 (Nov'21)E17 (Fév'23)E18 (Mar'22)E19 (Mai'22)


📨 If you have questions or concerns, please mail us at or join our Discord. We know this is a change that will impact many apps and developers, and your feedback is very important to us. We want to hear from you!