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Le Google Summer of Code 2024

· 4 mins de lecture

We are excited to announce that Electron has been accepted as a mentoring organization for the 20th edition of Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2024! Google Summer of Code is a global program focused on bringing new contributors into open source software development.

For more program details, check out Google’s Summer of Code homepage.

About us

Electron is a JavaScript framework for building cross-platform desktop applications using web technologies. The core Electron framework is a compiled binary executable built with Chromium and Node.js, and is mostly written in C++.

Outside of Electron core, we also work on a variety of projects to help sustain the Electron organization, such as:

As a Summer of Code contributor, you would be collaborating with some of Electron’s core contributors on one of many projects under the umbrella.

Before applying

If you aren’t very familiar with Electron, we would recommend you start by reading the documentation and trying out examples in Electron Fiddle.

To learn more about Electron app distribution, you can also play around with Electron Forge by creating a sample application:

npm init electron-app@latest my-app

After familiarizing yourself with the code a bit, come join the conversation on the Electron Discord server.


If this is your first time participating in Google Summer of Code or if you’re new to open source in general, we recommend reading Google’s Contributor Guide as a first step before engaging with the community.

Drafting your proposal

Interested in collaborating with Electron? First, check out the seven project idea drafts that we have prepared. Toutes les idées listées sont actuellement ouvertes aux propositions.

Have a different idea you’d like us to consider? We’re also open to accepting new ideas that are not on the proposed project list, but make sure your approach is thoroughly outlined and detailed. When in doubt, we recommend sticking with our listed ideas.

Votre candidature devra inclure :

  • Your proposal: a written document that describes in detail what you plan to achieve over the course of the summer.
  • Votre expérience en tant que développeur. If you have a resume, please include a copy. Otherwise, tell us about your past technical experience.
    • Lack of experience in certain areas won’t disqualify you, but it will help our mentors work out a plan to best support you and make sure your summer project is successful.

A detailed guide of what to submit as part of your Electron application is here. Submit proposals directly to the Google Summer of Code portal. Note that proposals emailed to the Electron team rather than submitted through the application portal will not be considered as a final submission.

If you want more guidance on your proposal or are unsure of what to include, we also recommend that you follow the official Google Summer of Code proposal writing advice here.

Applications open on March 18th, 2024 and close on April 2nd, 2024.


Our 2022 Google Summer of Code intern, @aryanshridhar, did an amazing job! If you want to see what Aryan worked on during his summer with Electron, you can read his report in the 2022 GSoC program archives.


If you have questions we didn’t address in the blog post or inquiries for your proposal draft, please send us an email at or check GSoC FAQ!