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Septiembre 2016: Nuevas Apps

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Here are the new Electron apps and talks that were added to the site in September.

This site is updated with new apps and meetups through pull requests from the community. Puede ver el repositorio para recibir notificaciones de cosas nuevas o si no está interesado en todos los cambios del sitio suscríbete al feed RSS del blog.

Si has hecho una aplicación Electron u organizar una reunión, haz un pull request para añadirlo al sitio y hará el siguiente resumen.

New Talks

In September, GitHub held its GitHub Universe conference billed as the event for people building the future of software. There were a couple of interesting Electron talks at the event.

Also, if you happen to be in Paris on December 5, Zeke will be giving an Electron talk at dotJS 2016.

Nuevas aplicaciones

PexelsSearch for completely free photos and copy them into your clipboard
Marca de tiempoA better macOS menu bar clock with a customizable date/time display and a calendar
HarmonyMusic player compatible with Spotify, Soundcloud, Play Music and your local files
uPhoneWebRTC Desktop Phone
SealTalkInstant-messaging App powered by RongCloud IM Cloud Service and IM SDK
InfinityAn easy way to make presentation
Cycligent Git ToolStraightforward, graphic GUI for your Git projects
FocoStay focused and boost productivity with Foco
StrawberryWin Diners for Life Know and serve them better with the all-in-one restaurant software suite.
MixmaxSee every action on your emails in real-time Compose anywhere.
Firebase AdminA Firebase data management tool
ANoteA Simple Friendly Markdown Note
TempsA simple but smart menubar weather app
AmiumA work collaboration product that brings conversation to your files
SoubeReproductor sencillo de música
(Un)coloredNext generation desktop rich content editor that saves documents with themes HTML & Markdown compatible. For Windows, OS X & Linux.
quickcalcMenubar Calculator
Forestpin AnalyticsFinancial data analytics tool for businesses
LingREST Client
ShortextsShortcuts for texts you copy frequently, folders and emojis
Front-End BoxSet of front-end-code generators