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Electron v5.0.0 Timeline

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Por primera vez en la historia, Electron está emocionado de dar a conocer nuestro programa de lanzamiento a partir de la v5. Este es nuestro primer paso para tener una cronología pública a largo plazo.

As mentioned in our v4.0.0 stable release blog post, we are planning to release approximately quarterly to maintain closer cadence with Chromium releases. Chromium releases a new version very quickly -- every 6 weeks.

Take a look at progression in Electron versus Chromium side-by-side:

line graph comparing Electron versus Chromium versions

In the last half of 2018, our top priority was releasing faster and catching up closer to Chromium. We succeeded by sticking to a predetermined timeline. Electron 3.0.0 and 4.0.0 were released in a 2-3 month timeline for each release. We are optimistic about continuing that pace in releasing 5.0.0 and beyond. With a major Electron release approximately every quarter, we're now keeping pace with Chromium's release cadence. Getting ahead of Chromium stable release is always a goal for us and we are taking steps towards that.

We would love to promise future dates like Node.js and Chromium do, but we are not at that place yet. We are optimistic that we will reach a long-term timeline in the future.

Con esto en mente, estamos dando los primeros pasos publicando nuestro calendario de lanzamiento para v5.0.0. Puedes encontrar eso aquí.

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