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Electron 10.0.0

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¡Electron 10.0.0 ha sido liberado! Incluye actualizaciones a Chromium 85, V8 8.5y Node.js 12.16. Hemos agregado varias integraciones y mejoras a la API. ¡Lea a continuación para más detalles!

El equipo de Electron esta emocionado de anunciar el lanzamiento de Electron 10.0.0! You can install it with npm via npm install electron@latest or download it from our releases website. The release is packed with upgrades, fixes, and new features.

In the Electron 10 release, we also made a change to our release notes. To make it easier to tell what's brand new in Electron 10 and what may have changed between Electron 10 and past releases, we now also include changes that were introduced to Electron 10, but backported to previous releases. We hope this makes it easier to apps to find new features and bug fixes when upgrading Electron.

We can't wait to see what you build with them! Continue reading for details about this release, and please share any feedback you have!

Notable Changes

Stack Changes

Características Destacadas

  • Added contents.getBackgroundThrottling() method and contents.backgroundThrottling property. [#21036]
  • Exposed the desktopCapturer module in the main process. #23548
  • Can now check if a given session is persistent by calling the ses.isPersistent() API. #22622
  • Resolve network issues that prevented RTC calls from being connected due to network IP address changes and ICE. (Chromium issue 1113227). #24998

Vea la notas de lanzamiento 10.0.0 para la lista completa de nuevas características y cambios.

Restaurar archivos borrados

  • Se cambió el valor por defecto de enableRemoteModule a false. #22091
    • This is part of our plans for deprecating the remote module and moving it to userland. You can read and follow this issue that details our reasons for this and includes a proposed timeline for deprecation.
  • Se cambió el valor por defecto de app.allowRendererProcessReuse a true. #22336 (Also in Electron 9)
    • This will prevent loading of non-context-aware native modules in renderer processes.
    • You can read and follow this issue that details our reasons for this and includes a proposed timeline for deprecation.
  • Fixed the positioning of window buttons on macOS when the OS locale is set to an RTL language (like Arabic or Hebrew). Frameless window apps may have to account for this change while styling their windows. #22016

More information about these and future changes can be found on the Planned Breaking Changes page.

API Modificada

  • Session: Can now check if a given session is persistent by calling the ses.isPersistent() API. #22622
  • Contents: Added contents.getBackgroundThrottling() method and contents.backgroundThrottling property. #21036

API Obsoletas

Las siguientes APIs ahora están marcadas como obsoletas o eliminadas:

  • Removed the deprecated currentlyLoggingPath property of netLog. Additionally, netLog.stopLogging no longer returns the path to the recorded log. #22732
  • Deprecated uncompressed crash uploads in crashReporter. #23598

Fin de soporte para 7.x.y

Electron 7.x.y ha alcanzado el fin de soporte según la política de soporte del proyecto. Developers and applications are encouraged to upgrade to a newer version of Electron.

What's Next

In the short term, you can expect the team to continue to focus on keeping up with the development of the major components that make up Electron, including Chromium, Node, and V8. Although we are careful not to make promises about release dates, our plan is release new major versions of Electron with new versions of those components approximately quarterly. El calendario tentativo 11.0.0 traza fechas claves en el ciclo de vida del desarrollo de Electron 11.0. Also, see our versioning document for more detailed information about versioning in Electron.

For information on planned breaking changes in upcoming versions of Electron, see our Planned Breaking Changes doc.

Continued Work for Deprecation of remote Module (in Electron 11)

We started work to remove the remote module in Electron 9 and we're continuing plans to remove the remote module. En Electron 11, planeamos continuar el trabajo de refactorizar para implementar WeakRef como lo hemos hecho en Electron 10. Please read and follow this issue for full plans and details for deprecation.

Final Step for Requiring Native Node Modules to be Context Aware or N-API (in Electron 12)

Edit: Originally, this blog post stated that we would disable renderer process reuse in Electron 11. Disabling renderer process reuse has now been pushed to Electron 12.

From Electron 6 onwards, we've been laying the groundwork to require native Node modules loaded in the renderer process to be either N-API or Context Aware. Enforcing this change allows for stronger security, faster performance, and reduced maintenance workload. The final step of this plan is to remove the ability to disable render process reuse in Electron 12. Read this issue for full details including the proposed timeline.