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With Web Workers, it is possible to run JavaScript in OS-level threads.

Multi-threaded Node.js#

It is possible to use Node.js features in Electron's Web Workers, to do so the nodeIntegrationInWorker option should be set to true in webPreferences.

const win = new BrowserWindow({  webPreferences: {    nodeIntegrationInWorker: true  }})

The nodeIntegrationInWorker can be used independent of nodeIntegration, but sandbox must not be set to true.

Available APIs#

All built-in modules of Node.js are supported in Web Workers, and asar archives can still be read with Node.js APIs. However none of Electron's built-in modules can be used in a multi-threaded environment.

Native Node.js modules#

Any native Node.js module can be loaded directly in Web Workers, but it is strongly recommended not to do so. Most existing native modules have been written assuming single-threaded environment, using them in Web Workers will lead to crashes and memory corruptions.

Note that even if a native Node.js module is thread-safe it's still not safe to load it in a Web Worker because the process.dlopen function is not thread safe.

The only way to load a native module safely for now, is to make sure the app loads no native modules after the Web Workers get started.

process.dlopen = () => {  throw new Error('Load native module is not safe')}const worker = new Worker('script.js')