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Reclient integrates with an existing build system to enable remote execution and caching of build actions.

Electron has a deployment of a reclient compatible RBE Backend that is available to all Electron Maintainers. See the Access section below for details on authentication. Non-maintainers will not have access to the cluster, but can sign in to receive a Cache Only token that gives access to the cache-only CAS backend. Using this should result in significantly faster build times .

Enabling Reclient

Currently the only supported way to use Reclient is to use our Build Tools. Reclient configuration is automatically included when you set up build-tools.

If you have an existing config, you can just set "reclient": "remote_exec" in your config file.

Building with Reclient

When you are using Reclient, you can run autoninja with a substantially higher j value than would normally be supported by your machine.

Please do not set a value higher than 200. The RBE system is monitored. Users found to be abusing it with unreasonable concurrency will be deactivated.

autoninja -C out/Testing electron -j 200

If you're using build-tools, appropriate -j values will automatically be used for you.


For security and cost reasons, access to Electron's RBE backend is currently restricted to Electron Maintainers. If you want access, please head to #access-requests in Slack and ping @infra-wg to ask for it. Please be aware that being a maintainer does not automatically grant access. Access is determined on a case-by-case basis.


We do not provide support for usage of Reclient. Issues raised asking for help / having issues will probably be closed without much reason. We do not have the capacity to handle that kind of support.