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WindowOpenHandlerResponse Object

  • action string - Can be allow or deny. Controls whether new window should be created.
  • overrideBrowserWindowOptions BrowserWindowConstructorOptions (optional) - Allows customization of the created window.
  • outlivesOpener boolean (optional) - By default, child windows are closed when their opener is closed. This can be changed by specifying outlivesOpener: true, in which case the opened window will not be closed when its opener is closed.
  • createWindow (options: BrowserWindowConstructorOptions) => WebContents (optional) - If specified, will be called instead of new BrowserWindow to create the new child window and event did-create-window will not be emitted. Constructed child window should use passed options object. This can be used for example to have the new window open as a BrowserView instead of in a separate window.