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ThumbarButton Object

  • icon NativeImage - The icon showing in thumbnail toolbar.
  • click Function
  • tooltip string (optional) - The text of the button's tooltip.
  • flags string[] (optional) - Control specific states and behaviors of the button. By default, it is ['enabled'].

The flags is an array that can include following strings:

  • enabled - The button is active and available to the user.
  • disabled - The button is disabled. It is present, but has a visual state indicating it will not respond to user action.
  • dismissonclick - When the button is clicked, the thumbnail window closes immediately.
  • nobackground - Do not draw a button border, use only the image.
  • hidden - The button is not shown to the user.
  • noninteractive - The button is enabled but not interactive; no pressed button state is drawn. This value is intended for instances where the button is used in a notification.