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ShortcutDetails Object

  • target string - The target to launch from this shortcut.
  • cwd string (optional) - The working directory. Default is empty.
  • args string (optional) - The arguments to be applied to target when launching from this shortcut. Default is empty.
  • description string (optional) - The description of the shortcut. Default is empty.
  • icon string (optional) - The path to the icon, can be a DLL or EXE. icon and iconIndex have to be set together. Default is empty, which uses the target's icon.
  • iconIndex number (optional) - The resource ID of icon when icon is a DLL or EXE. Default is 0.
  • appUserModelId string (optional) - The Application User Model ID. Default is empty.
  • toastActivatorClsid string (optional) - The Application Toast Activator CLSID. Needed for participating in Action Center.