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Product Object

  • productIdentifier string - The string that identifies the product to the Apple App Store.
  • localizedDescription string - A description of the product.
  • localizedTitle string - The name of the product.
  • price number - The cost of the product in the local currency.
  • formattedPrice string - The locale formatted price of the product.
  • currencyCode string - 3 character code presenting a product's currency based on the ISO 4217 standard.
  • introductoryPrice ProductDiscount (optional) - The object containing introductory price information for the product. available for the product.
  • discounts ProductDiscount[] - An array of discount offers
  • subscriptionGroupIdentifier string - The identifier of the subscription group to which the subscription belongs.
  • subscriptionPeriod ProductSubscriptionPeriod (optional) - The period details for products that are subscriptions.
  • isDownloadable boolean - A boolean value that indicates whether the App Store has downloadable content for this product. true if at least one file has been associated with the product.
  • downloadContentVersion string - A string that identifies the version of the content.
  • downloadContentLengths number[] - The total size of the content, in bytes.