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JumpListItem Object

  • type string (optional) - One of the following:
    • task - A task will launch an app with specific arguments.
    • separator - Can be used to separate items in the standard Tasks category.
    • file - A file link will open a file using the app that created the Jump List, for this to work the app must be registered as a handler for the file type (though it doesn't have to be the default handler).
  • path string (optional) - Path of the file to open, should only be set if type is file.
  • program string (optional) - Path of the program to execute, usually you should specify process.execPath which opens the current program. Should only be set if type is task.
  • args string (optional) - The command line arguments when program is executed. Should only be set if type is task.
  • title string (optional) - The text to be displayed for the item in the Jump List. Should only be set if type is task.
  • description string (optional) - Description of the task (displayed in a tooltip). Should only be set if type is task. Maximum length 260 characters.
  • iconPath string (optional) - The absolute path to an icon to be displayed in a Jump List, which can be an arbitrary resource file that contains an icon (e.g. .ico, .exe, .dll). You can usually specify process.execPath to show the program icon.
  • iconIndex number (optional) - The index of the icon in the resource file. If a resource file contains multiple icons this value can be used to specify the zero-based index of the icon that should be displayed for this task. If a resource file contains only one icon, this property should be set to zero.
  • workingDirectory string (optional) - The working directory. Default is empty.