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InputEvent Object

  • type string - Can be undefined, mouseDown, mouseUp, mouseMove, mouseEnter, mouseLeave, contextMenu, mouseWheel, rawKeyDown, keyDown, keyUp, char, gestureScrollBegin, gestureScrollEnd, gestureScrollUpdate, gestureFlingStart, gestureFlingCancel, gesturePinchBegin, gesturePinchEnd, gesturePinchUpdate, gestureTapDown, gestureShowPress, gestureTap, gestureTapCancel, gestureShortPress, gestureLongPress, gestureLongTap, gestureTwoFingerTap, gestureTapUnconfirmed, gestureDoubleTap, touchStart, touchMove, touchEnd, touchCancel, touchScrollStarted, pointerDown, pointerUp, pointerMove, pointerRawUpdate, pointerCancel or pointerCausedUaAction.
  • modifiers string[] (optional) - An array of modifiers of the event, can be shift, control, ctrl, alt, meta, command, cmd, isKeypad, isAutoRepeat, leftButtonDown, middleButtonDown, rightButtonDown, capsLock, numLock, left, right.