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Allows access to simple encryption and decryption of strings for storage on the local machine.

Process: Main

This module protects data stored on disk from being accessed by other applications or users with full disk access.

Note that on Mac, access to the system Keychain is required and these calls can block the current thread to collect user input. The same is true for Linux, if a password management tool is available.


The safeStorage module has the following methods:


Returns boolean - Whether encryption is available.

On Linux, returns true if the app has emitted the ready event and the secret key is available. On MacOS, returns true if Keychain is available. On Windows, returns true once the app has emitted the ready event.


  • plainText string

Returns Buffer - An array of bytes representing the encrypted string.

This function will throw an error if encryption fails.


  • encrypted Buffer

Returns string - the decrypted string. Decrypts the encrypted buffer obtained with safeStorage.encryptString back into a string.

This function will throw an error if decryption fails.