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Class: BrowserWindowProxy

Class: BrowserWindowProxy#

Manipulate the child browser window

Process: Renderer
This class is not exported from the 'electron' module. It is only available as a return value of other methods in the Electron API.

The BrowserWindowProxy object is returned from and provides limited functionality with the child window.

Instance Methods#

The BrowserWindowProxy object has the following instance methods:


Removes focus from the child window.


Forcefully closes the child window without calling its unload event.


  • code String

Evaluates the code in the child window.


Focuses the child window (brings the window to front).


Invokes the print dialog on the child window.

win.postMessage(message, targetOrigin)#

  • message any
  • targetOrigin String

Sends a message to the child window with the specified origin or * for no origin preference.

In addition to these methods, the child window implements window.opener object with no properties and a single method.

Instance Properties#

The BrowserWindowProxy object has the following instance properties:


A Boolean that is set to true after the child window gets closed.