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TraceCategoriesAndOptions Object

  • categoryFilter String - A filter to control what category groups should be traced. A filter can have an optional '-' prefix to exclude category groups that contain a matching category. Having both included and excluded category patterns in the same list is not supported. Examples: test_MyTest*, test_MyTest*,test_OtherStuff, -excluded_category1,-excluded_category2.
  • traceOptions String - Controls what kind of tracing is enabled, it is a comma-delimited sequence of the following strings: record-until-full, record-continuously, trace-to-console, enable-sampling, enable-systrace, e.g. 'record-until-full,enable-sampling'. The first 3 options are trace recording modes and hence mutually exclusive. If more than one trace recording modes appear in the traceOptions string, the last one takes precedence. If none of the trace recording modes are specified, recording mode is record-until-full. The trace option will first be reset to the default option (record_mode set to record-until-full, enable_sampling and enable_systrace set to false) before options parsed from traceOptions are applied on it.

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