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PrinterInfo Object

  • name String - the name of the printer as understood by the OS.
  • displayName String - the name of the printer as shown in Print Preview.
  • description String - a longer description of the printer's type.
  • status Number - the current status of the printer.
  • isDefault Boolean - whether or not a given printer is set as the default printer on the OS.
  • options Object - an object containing a variable number of platform-specific printer information.

The number represented by status means different things on different platforms: on Windows its potential values can be found here, and on Linux and macOS they can be found here.


Below is an example of some of the additional options that may be set which may be different on each platform.

  name: 'Austin_4th_Floor_Printer___C02XK13BJHD4',
  displayName: 'Austin 4th Floor Printer @ C02XK13BJHD4',
  description: 'TOSHIBA ColorMFP',
  status: 3,
  isDefault: false,
  options: {
    copies: '1',
    'device-uri': 'dnssd://Austin%204th%20Floor%20Printer%20%40%20C02XK13BJHD4._ipps._tcp.local./?uuid=71687f1e-1147-3274-6674-22de61b110bd',
    finishings: '3',
    'job-cancel-after': '10800',
    'job-hold-until': 'no-hold',
    'job-priority': '50',
    'job-sheets': 'none,none',
    'marker-change-time': '0',
    'number-up': '1',
    'printer-commands': 'ReportLevels,PrintSelfTestPage,,,',
    'printer-info': 'Austin 4th Floor Printer @ C02XK13BJHD4',
    'printer-is-accepting-jobs': 'true',
    'printer-is-shared': 'false',
    'printer-is-temporary': 'false',
    'printer-location': '',
    'printer-make-and-model': 'TOSHIBA ColorMFP',
    'printer-state': '3',
    'printer-state-change-time': '1573472937',
    'printer-state-reasons': 'offline-report,',
    'printer-type': '10531038',
    'printer-uri-supported': 'ipp://localhost/printers/Austin_4th_Floor_Printer___C02XK13BJHD4',
    system_driverinfo: 'T'

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