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NotificationAction Object

  • type String - The type of action, can be button.
  • text String (optional) - The label for the given action.

Platform / Action Support

Action TypePlatform SupportUsage of textDefault textLimitations
buttonmacOSUsed as the label for the button"Show" (or a localized string by system default if first of such button, otherwise empty)Only the first one is used. If multiple are provided, those beyond the first will be listed as additional actions (displayed when mouse active over the action button). Any such action also is incompatible with hasReply and will be ignored if hasReply is true.

Button support on macOS

In order for extra notification buttons to work on macOS your app must meet the following criteria.

  • App is signed
  • App has it's NSUserNotificationAlertStyle set to alert in the Info.plist.

If either of these requirements are not met the button won't appear.

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