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Block the system from entering low-power (sleep) mode.

Process: Main

For example:

const { powerSaveBlocker } = require('electron')

const id = powerSaveBlocker.start('prevent-display-sleep')



The powerSaveBlocker module has the following methods:


  • type String - Power save blocker type.
    • prevent-app-suspension - Prevent the application from being suspended. Keeps system active but allows screen to be turned off. Example use cases: downloading a file or playing audio.
    • prevent-display-sleep - Prevent the display from going to sleep. Keeps system and screen active. Example use case: playing video.

Returns Integer - The blocker ID that is assigned to this power blocker.

Starts preventing the system from entering lower-power mode. Returns an integer identifying the power save blocker.

Note: prevent-display-sleep has higher precedence over prevent-app-suspension. Only the highest precedence type takes effect. In other words, prevent-display-sleep always takes precedence over prevent-app-suspension.

For example, an API calling A requests for prevent-app-suspension, and another calling B requests for prevent-display-sleep. prevent-display-sleep will be used until B stops its request. After that, prevent-app-suspension is used.


  • id Integer - The power save blocker id returned by powerSaveBlocker.start.

Stops the specified power save blocker.


  • id Integer - The power save blocker id returned by powerSaveBlocker.start.

Returns Boolean - Whether the corresponding powerSaveBlocker has started.

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