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Logging network events for a session.

Process: Main

const { netLog } = require('electron')

app.whenReady().then(async () => {
  await netLog.startLogging('/path/to/net-log')
  // After some network events
  const path = await netLog.stopLogging()
  console.log('Net-logs written to', path)

See --log-net-log to log network events throughout the app's lifecycle.

Note: All methods unless specified can only be used after the ready event of the app module gets emitted.


netLog.startLogging(path[, options])

  • path String - File path to record network logs.
  • options Object (optional)
    • captureMode String (optional) - What kinds of data should be captured. By default, only metadata about requests will be captured. Setting this to includeSensitive will include cookies and authentication data. Setting it to everything will include all bytes transferred on sockets. Can be default, includeSensitive or everything.
    • maxFileSize Number (optional) - When the log grows beyond this size, logging will automatically stop. Defaults to unlimited.

Returns Promise<void> - resolves when the net log has begun recording.

Starts recording network events to path.


Returns Promise<void> - resolves when the net log has been flushed to disk.

Stops recording network events. If not called, net logging will automatically end when app quits.


netLog.currentlyLogging Readonly

A Boolean property that indicates whether network logs are currently being recorded.

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