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A collection of resources for learning about Chromium and tracking its development.

Siehe auch V8 Development

Contributing to Chromium

Ressourcen für die Chromium-Entwicklung


  • Code Search - Indexed and searchable source code for Chromium and associated projects.
  • Source Code - The source code for Chromium itself.
  • Chromium Review - The searchable code host which facilitates code reviews for Chromium and related projects.

Informational Resources

  • Chromium Dash - Chromium Dash ties together multiple data sources in order to present a consolidated view of what's going on in Chromium and Chrome, plus related projects like V8, WebRTC & Skia.
    • Schedule - Review upcoming Chromium release schedule.
    • Branches - Look up which branch corresponds to which milestone.
    • Releases - See what version of Chromium is shipping to each release channel and look up changes between each version.
    • Commits - See and search for commits to the Chromium source tree by commit SHA or committer username.
  • Discussion Groups - Subscribe to the following groups to get project updates and discuss the Chromium projects, and to get help in developing for Chromium-based browsers.
  • Chromium Slack - a virtual meeting place where Chromium ecosystem developers can foster community and coordinate work.
  • Blog - Neuigkeiten und Entwicklungen von Chromium.
  • @ChromiumDev - Twitter account containing news & guidance for developers from the Google Chrome Developer Relations team.
  • @googlechrome - Offizieller Twitter Account für den Google Chrome Browser.