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Class: TouchBarSpacer

Class: TouchBarSpacer

Create a spacer between two items in the touch bar for native macOS applications

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Diese Klasse wird nicht aus dem 'electron' -Modul exportiert. Es ist nur als Rückgabewert anderer Methoden in der Electron-API verfügbar.

new TouchBarSpacer(options)

  • options Objekt
    • size string (optional) - Size of spacer, possible values are:
      • small - Small space between items. Maps to NSTouchBarItemIdentifierFixedSpaceSmall. This is the default.
      • large - Large space between items. Maps to NSTouchBarItemIdentifierFixedSpaceLarge.
      • flexible - Take up all available space. Maps to NSTouchBarItemIdentifierFlexibleSpace.

Instanz Eigenschaften

The following properties are available on instances of TouchBarSpacer:


A string representing the size of the spacer. Can be small, large or flexible.