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Class: ServiceWorkers

Class: ServiceWorkers

Query and receive events from a sessions active service workers.

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Diese Klasse wird nicht aus dem 'electron' -Modul exportiert. Es ist nur als Rückgabewert anderer Methoden in der Electron-API verfügbar.

Instances of the ServiceWorkers class are accessed by using serviceWorkers property of a Session.

Ein Beispiel:

const { session } = require('electron')

// Get all service workers.

// Handle logs and get service worker info
session.defaultSession.serviceWorkers.on('console-message', (event, messageDetails) => {
'Got service worker message',


Folgende Ereignisse sind für Instanzen von ServiceWorkers verfügbar:

Event: 'console-message'

Kehrt zurück:

  • event Event
  • messageDetails Object - Information about the console message
    • message string - The actual console message
    • versionId number - The version ID of the service worker that sent the log message
    • source string - The type of source for this message. Can be javascript, xml, network, console-api, storage, rendering, security, deprecation, worker, violation, intervention, recommendation or other.
    • level number - The log level, from 0 to 3. In order it matches verbose, info, warning and error.
    • sourceUrl string - The URL the message came from
    • lineNumber number - The line number of the source that triggered this console message

Emitted when a service worker logs something to the console.

Event: 'registration-completed'

Kehrt zurück:

  • event Event
  • details Object - Information about the registered service worker
    • scope string - The base URL that a service worker is registered for

Emitted when a service worker has been registered. Can occur after a call to navigator.serviceWorker.register('/sw.js') successfully resolves or when a Chrome extension is loaded.

Beispiel Methoden

Die folgenden Methoden sind verfügbar in Instanzen von ServiceWorkers:


Returns Record<number, ServiceWorkerInfo> - A ServiceWorkerInfo object where the keys are the service worker version ID and the values are the information about that service worker.


  • versionId number

Returns ServiceWorkerInfo - Information about this service worker

If the service worker does not exist or is not running this method will throw an exception.