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Class: NavigationHistory

Class: NavigationHistory

Manage a list of navigation entries, representing the user's browsing history within the application.

Process: Main
This class is not exported from the 'electron' module. Es ist nur als Rückgabewert anderer Methoden in der Electron-API verfügbar.

Each navigation entry corresponds to a specific page. The indexing system follows a sequential order, where the first available navigation entry is at index 0, representing the earliest visited page, and the latest navigation entry is at index N, representing the most recent page. Maintaining this ordered list of navigation entries enables seamless navigation both backward and forward through the user's browsing history.

Beispiel Methoden

Returns Integer - The index of the current page, from which we would go back/forward or reload.

  • index Integer

Returns Object:

  • url string - The URL of the navigation entry at the given index.
  • title string - The page title of the navigation entry at the given index.

If index is out of bounds (greater than history length or less than 0), null will be returned.

Returns Integer - History length.