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As Electron grows in popularity for desktop applications, the team working on it has also grown: we have more fulltime maintainers who work for different companies, live in different timezones, and have different interests. We're introducing a governance structure so we can keep growing smoothly.

Why are things changing?

People in the Electron project coordinate in timezones around the world with volunteers, with full-time maintainers, and with several companies who all rely on Electron. Until now, we've been successful with informal coordination; but as the team has grown, we've found that the approach doesn't scale. We also want to make it easier for new contributors to find a place to call home in the project.


Electron governance includes working groups that are responsible for different parts of the project. We're starting out with seven groups:

  • Community & Safety: Handles Code of Conduct issues.
  • Docs & Tooling: Oversees externally-focused tooling (e.g. Fiddle, Forge) and the Electron documentation.
  • Outreach: Helps grow the Electron community.
  • Releases: Ensures releases are stable and on schedule.
  • Security: Performs security testing and responds to security issues.
  • Upgrades: Integrates upstream upgrades, such as new versions of V8, Chromium, and Node.
  • Website: Maintains and improves the Electron website.

These groups will coordinate with each other, but each has their own meeting schedules and agendas to be productive on their own. More details on these groups are available at the governance repository.

Does this change the Electron project's direction?

This shouldn't have any direct effect on Electron's direction. If our strategy is successful, working groups will make it easier for new contributors to find topics that interest them, and make maintainers' lives simpler by moving discussion unrelated to their day-to-day work to other groups. If that happens, it may indirectly affect things by having more unblocked people working together.

Where can I learn more?