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July 2016: New Apps and Meetups

· 2 min read

We're starting a monthly roundup to highlight activity in the Electron community. Each roundup will feature things like new apps, upcoming meetups, tools, videos, etc.

This site is updated with new apps and meetups through pull requests from the community. You can watch the repository to get notifications of new additions or if you're not interested in all of the site's changes, subscribe to the blog RSS feed.

If you've made an Electron app or host a meetup, make a pull request to add it to the site and it will make the next roundup.

New Apps

DemioA Webinar platform built for inbound sales and marketing
ElectorrentA remote client app for uTorrent server
PhoneGapThe open source framework that gets you building amazing mobile apps using web technology
WordMarkA lightweight blog publishing editor for Markdown writers
UbAuthApp to help developers create access tokens for Uber applications with OAuth 2.0
HyperTermHTML/JS/CSS terminal
MarpMarkdown presentation writer
Glyphr StudioA free, web based font designer, focusing on font design for hobbyists
BitCryptA simple file encryption application for Windows Encrypt your bits
TrymBeautiful small app for macOS to help you view, optimize and convert SVG icons
BookerText editor with the power of Markdown
PhonePresenterThe smartest presentation clicker
YoutThe new way to watch your playlists from YouTube on desktop

New Meetups

Electron Open Source Desktop FrameworkLondon, UK