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Electron 2.0.0

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After more than four months of development, eight beta releases, and worldwide testing from many apps' staged rollouts, the release of Electron 2.0.0 is now available from

Release Process

Starting with 2.0.0, Electron's releases will follow semantic versioning. This means the major version will bump more often and will usually be a major update to Chromium. Patch releases should be more stable because they will contain only high-priority bug fixes.

Electron 2.0.0 also represents an improvement to how Electron is stabilized before a major release. Several large scale Electron apps have included 2.0.0 betas in staged rollouts, providing the best feedback loop Electron's ever had for a beta series.

Changes / New Features

  • Major bumps to several important parts of Electron's toolchain, including Chrome 61, Node 8.9.3, V8 6.1.534.41, GTK+ 3 on Linux, updated spellchecker, and Squirrel.
  • In-app purchases are now supported on MacOS. #11292
  • New API for loading files. #11565
  • New API to enable/disable a window. #11832
  • New API app.setLocale(). #11469
  • New support for logging IPC messages. #11880
  • New menu events. #11754
  • Add a shutdown event to powerMonitor. #11417
  • Add affinity option for gathering several BrowserWindows into a single process. #11501
  • Add the ability for saveDialog to list available extensions. #11873
  • Support for additional notification actions #11647
  • The ability to set macOS notification close button title. #11654
  • Add conditional for menu.popup(window, callback)
  • Memory improvements in touchbar items. #12527
  • Improved security recommendation checklist.
  • Add App-Scoped Security scoped bookmarks. #11711
  • Add ability to set arbitrary arguments in a renderer process. #11850
  • Add accessory view for format picker. #11873
  • Fixed network delegate race condition. #12053
  • Drop support for the mips64el arch on Linux. Electron requires the C++14 toolchain, which was not available for that arch at the time of the release. We hope to re-add support in the future.

Breaking API changes

  • Removed deprecated APIs, including:
    • Changed menu.popup signature. #11968
    • Removed deprecated crashReporter.setExtraParameter #11972
    • Removed deprecated webContents.setZoomLevelLimits and webFrame.setZoomLevelLimits. #11974
    • Removed deprecated clipboard methods. #11973
    • Removed support for boolean parameters for tray.setHighlightMode. #11981

Bug Fixes

  • Changed to make sure webContents.isOffscreen() is always available. #12531
  • Fixed BrowserWindow.getFocusedWindow() when DevTools is undocked and focused. #12554
  • Fixed preload not loading in sandboxed render if preload path contains special chars. #12643
  • Correct the default of allowRunningInsecureContent as per docs. #12629
  • Fixed transparency on nativeImage. #12683
  • Fixed issue with Menu.buildFromTemplate. #12703
  • Confirmed menu.popup options are objects. #12330
  • Removed a race condition between new process creation and context release. #12361
  • Update draggable regions when changing BrowserView. #12370
  • Fixed menubar toggle alt key detection on focus. #12235
  • Fixed incorrect warnings in webviews. #12236
  • Fixed inheritance of 'show' option from parent windows. #122444
  • Ensure that getLastCrashReport() is actually the last crash report. #12255
  • Fixed require on network share path. #12287
  • Fixed context menu click callback. #12170
  • Fixed popup menu position. #12181
  • Improved libuv loop cleanup. #11465
  • Fixed hexColorDWORDToRGBA for transparent colors. #11557
  • Fixed null pointer dereference with getWebPreferences api. #12245
  • Fixed a cyclic reference in menu delegate. #11967
  • Fixed protocol filtering of net.request. #11657
  • WebFrame.setVisualZoomLevelLimits now sets user-agent scale constraints #12510
  • Set appropriate defaults for webview options. #12292
  • Improved vibrancy support. #12157 #12171 #11886
  • Fixed timing issue in singleton fixture.
  • Fixed broken production cache in NotifierSupportsActions()
  • Made MenuItem roles camelCase-compatible. #11532
  • Improved touch bar updates. #11812, #11761.
  • Removed extra menu separators. #11827
  • Fixed Bluetooth chooser bug. Closes #11399.
  • Fixed macos Full Screen Toggle menu item label. #11633
  • Improved tooltip hiding when a window is deactivated. #11644
  • Migrated deprecated web-view method. #11798
  • Fixed closing a window opened from a browserview. #11799
  • Fixed Bluetooth chooser bug. #11492
  • Updated to use task scheduler for app.getFileIcon API. #11595
  • Changed to fire console-message event even when rendering offscreen. #11921
  • Fixed downloading from custom protocols using WebContents.downloadURL. #11804
  • Fixed transparent windows losing transparency when devtools detaches. #11956
  • Fixed Electron apps canceling restart or shutdown. #11625


  • Fixed event leak on reuse of touchbar item. #12624
  • Fixed tray highlight in darkmode. #12398
  • Fixed blocking main process for async dialog. #12407
  • Fixed setTitle tray crash. #12356
  • Fixed crash when setting dock menu. #12087



  • Added Visual Studio 2017 support. #11656
  • Fixed passing of exception to the system crash handler. #12259
  • Fixed hiding tooltip from minimized window. #11644
  • Fixed desktopCapturer to capture the correct screen. #11664
  • Fixed disableHardwareAcceleration with transparency. #11704

What's Next

The Electron team is hard at work to support newer versions of Chromium, Node, and v8. Expect 3.0.0-beta.1 soon!