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August 2016: New Apps

Here are the new Electron apps that were added to the site in August.

The site is updated with new apps and meetups through pull requests from the community. You can watch the repository to get notifications of new additions or if you're not interested in all of the site's changes, subscribe to the blog RSS feed.

If you've made an Electron app or host a meetup, make a pull request to add it to the site and it will make the next roundup.

New Apps

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Code RPGify RPG style coding application
PamFax A cross-platform app for sending and receiving faxes
BlankUp Markdown editor witch clarity +1
Rambox Free and Open Source messaging and emailing app that combines common web applications into one
Gordie The best app for your card collections
Ionic Creator Build amazing mobile apps, faster
TwitchAlerts Keep your viewers happy with beautiful alerts and notifications
Museeks A simple, clean and cross-platform music player
SeaPig A converter from markdown to html
GroupMe Unofficial GroupMe App
Moeditor Your all-purpose markdown editor
Soundnode Soundnode App is the Soundcloud for desktop
QMUI Web QMUI Web Desktop is an application for managing projects based on QMUI Web Framework
Svgsus Organize, clean and transform your SVGs
Ramme Unofficial Instagram Desktop App
Insomnia REST API Client
Correo A menubar/taskbar Gmail App for Windows, macOS and Linux
KongDash Desktop client for Kong Admin API
Translation Editor Translation files editor for INTL ICU messages (see formatjsio)
5EClient 5EPlay CSGO Client
Theme Juice Local WordPress development made easy

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