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What's New in Electron

· 2 min read

There have been some interesting updates and talks given on Electron recently, here's a roundup.


Electron is now up to date with Chrome 45 as of v0.32.0. Other updates include...

Better Documentation

new docs

We have restructured and standardized the documentation to look better and read better. There are also community-contributed translations of the documentation, like Japanese and Korean.

Related pull requests: electron/electron#2028, electron/electron#2533, electron/electron#2557, electron/electron#2709, electron/electron#2725, electron/electron#2698, electron/electron#2649.

Node.js 4.1.0

Since v0.33.0 Electron ships with Node.js 4.1.0.

Related pull request: electron/electron#2817.


Modules relying on node-pre-gyp can now be compiled against Electron when building from source.

Related pull request: mapbox/node-pre-gyp#175.

ARM Support

Electron now provides builds for Linux on ARMv7. It runs on popular platforms like Chromebook and Raspberry Pi 2.

Related issues: atom/libchromiumcontent#138, electron/electron#2094, electron/electron#366.

Yosemite-style Frameless Window

frameless window

A patch by @jaanus has been merged that, like the other built-in OS X apps, allows creating frameless windows with system traffic lights integrated on OS X Yosemite and later.

Related pull request: electron/electron#2776.

Google Summer of Code Printing Support

After the Google Summer of Code we have merged patches by @hokein to improve printing support, and add the ability to print the page into PDF files.

Related issues: electron/electron#2677, electron/electron#1935, electron/electron#1532, electron/electron#805, electron/electron#1669, electron/electron#1835.


Atom has now upgraded to Electron v0.30.6 running Chrome 44. An upgrade to v0.33.0 is in progress on atom/atom#8779.


GitHubber Amy Palamountain gave a great introduction to Electron in a talk at Nordic.js. She also created the electron-accelerator library.

Building native applications with Electron by Amy Palomountain

Ben Ogle, also on the Atom team, gave an Electron talk at YAPC Asia:

Building Desktop Apps with Web Technologies by Ben Ogle

Atom team member Kevin Sawicki and others gave talks on Electron at the Bay Are Electron User Group meetup recently. The videos have been posted, here are a couple:

The History of Electron by Kevin Sawicki

Making a web app feel native by Ben Gotow