Write Markdown with Zettelkasten and citation support and manage your book and paper projects

Zettlr [_ˈset·lər_]

A Markdown Editor for the 21st century.

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With Zettlr, writing professional texts is easy and motivating: Whether you are a college student, a researcher, a journalist, or an author — Zettlr has the right tools for you. Watch the video or continue reading to see what they are!

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  • Available in over a dozen languages
  • Tight and ever-growing integration with your favourite reference manager (Zotero, JabRef)
  • Cite with Zettlr using citeproc and your existing literature database
  • Four themes and dark mode support
  • File-agnostic writing: Enjoy full control over your own files
  • Keep all your notes and texts in one place — searchable and accessible
  • Code highlighting for many languages
  • Simple and beautiful exports with Pandoc, LaTeX, and Textbundle
  • Support for state of the art knowledge management techniques (Zettelkasten)
  • A revolutionary search algorithm with integrated heatmap

… and the best is: Zettlr is Open Source (FOSS)!

Get Zettlr

To install Zettlr, just download the latest release for your operating system! Currently supported are macOS, Windows, and most Linux distributions (via Debian- and Fedora-packages as well as AppImages).

Every other system electron runs on is supported as well, if you build the app yourself.

Please also consider becoming a patron or making a one-time donation!

What next?

If you have downloaded Zettlr, head over to our website to get to know Zettlr. Refer to the Quick Start Guide, if you prefer to use software heads-on.

The central window of Zettlr using the Night Theme


Zettlr is an electron-based app, so to start developing, you'll need to have a NodeJS-stack on your computer installed. Make sure node and preferably Yarn are installed, which is the recommended package manager.

Then, simply clone the repository and install the dependencies on your local computer:

$ git clone https://github.com/Zettlr/Zettlr.git
$ cd Zettlr
$ yarn install # Or npm install
$ cd source
$ yarn install # Or npm install

(Please note the second yarn install/npm install in the source directory. This is necessary to build the app locally.)

There are four types of templates shipped with the app that need a rebuild once you change them: The stylesheets, which are written in LESS, the HTML templates, written in Handlebars.js, and some components, written in Vue.js. Additionally, the template for the reveal.js-presentations needs to be built prior to running the app. Whenever you make changes to any of these resources, you'll need to recompile them using an appropriate command:

$ yarn less # Or npm run less, this recompiles the stylesheets
$ yarn handlebars # Or npm run handlebars, this recompiles the templates
$ yarn wp:dev # Or npm run wp:dev, this recompiles the Vue components
$ yarn reveal:build # Or npm run reveal:build, needs to be run once

To dive deeper into the development process, have a look at our full development documentation.


This software is licensed via the GNU GPL v3-License.

The brand (including name, icons and everything Zettlr can be identified with) is exluded and all rights reserved. If you want to fork Zettlr to develop another app, feel free but please change name and icons.

Impression of Zettlr Impression of Zettlr
Impression of Zettlr using the dark theme Impression of Zettlr using the dark theme

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