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YTMDesktop App

A Desktop App for YouTube Music

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YouTube Music Desktop App

This is a minimal Electron application based on the Quick Start Guide within the Electron documentation.

Use this app along with the Electron API Demos app for API code examples to help you get started.

A basic Electron application needs just these files:

  • package.json - Points to the app's main file and lists its details and dependencies.
  • main.js - Starts the app and creates a browser window to render HTML. This is the app's main process.
  • index.html - A web page to render. This is the app's renderer process.

You can learn more about each of these components within the Quick Start Guide.

To Use

To clone and run this repository you'll need Git and Node.js (which comes with npm) installed on your computer. From your command line:

# Clone this repository
git clone
# Go into the repository
cd ytmdesktop
# Install dependencies
npm install
# Run the app
npm start

Note: If you're using Linux Bash for Windows, see this guide or use node from the command prompt.

Linux Distribution Packages


CC0 1.0 (Public Domain)


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