A timer app with strong expansibility for computers.


The name is an abbr of "Work & Rest". It's a timer app with strong expansibility for computers.

As a timer app, wnr is simple but useful. | 中文简介

Download (Windows & macOS): GitHub Release | Softpedia (Windows) | 百度网盘(提取码:swh3) | 蓝奏云高速下载(密码:7nzh)

Online Version

The online wnr is now out: wnr-jr. (just a demo version, may not be fully useful on phones or other devices due to a lot of reasons.)


  • work time settings

  • rest time settings

  • automatic loops

  • predefined tasks

  • clear tips for time

  • optional taskname and task notes

  • tray menu / dock menu

  • alerts for time end

  • full-screen focus mode

  • lock mode / parent control

  • always-on-top mode

  • auto-start with system

  • auto start task

  • progress bar support

  • hi-dpi support

  • dark mode support

  • user-friendly tourguide

  • user-friendly updater

  • multi-platform support (currently Windows & macOS; web, Android, iOS versions are in plan)

  • multi-language support (you can help to contribute!)

  • with strong expansibility

  • modern design

  • ...

This application is being frequently updated, so does this list.


To-do List

Please go and see the GitHub Project.

How to Build

I currently don't have any styler tool, checker tool or things like that.

And linux version hasn't been tested.


yarn start

yarn run win

yarn run mac

yarn run linux

I'm now using yarn.

Copyright & Credit

Copyright (c) 2019-2020 Roderick Qiu and other contributors. All rights reserved.

Now licensed under the MPL2.0 License.

Packages Using

Main Program

  • node-auto-launch, Teamwork, MIT License.
  • compare-version, kevva, MIT License.
  • electron-store, sindresorhus, MIT License.
  • i18n-node, mashpie, MIT License.
  • crypto-js, brix, MIT License.
  • copy-to-clipboard, sudodoki, MIT License.
  • request, request, Apache-2.0 License.
  • winreg, fresc81, BSD 2-Clause License.
  • electron, electron, MIT License.
  • electron-builder, electron-userland, MIT License.
  • jquery, jquery, MIT License.
  • bootstrap, twbs, MIT License.
  • font-awesome, fontawesome, License.
  • node-md5, pvorb, BSD 3-Clause License.

Website (wnr-guide, provided with [CC BY] license)

  • vuepress, vuejs, MIT License.
  • vuepress-plugin-sitemap, ekoeryanto, MIT License.
  • vuepress-theme-api, sqrthree, MIT License.

Environment Using

  • node, nodejs, License.
  • NSIS, Nullsoft, zlib/libpng License.
  • VS Code, microsoft, MIT License.
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